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Crafting in PvP : feedback and suggestions


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I've been looking for the new craft options for PvPer but I must admit, I'm completely underwhelmed.


The main issue come from the price of the crafting material boxes and the baradian flux.


I'm not really into operations so correct me if I'm wrong but it appears to me that in PvE, crafting goes along with gear progression. Crafting material and schematics are obtained directly as bonus loot from boss and their is always some spare loot that can be REed (particularly mods and enhancements).

So PvEer can take full benefit of their crew skills without slowing their gear progression.


In PvP it's completely different. We need warzone commendations to get gear but crafting materials and schematics cost warzone coms.

Currently, we can buy schematics for high level crystals from PvP vendors (these schematics doesn't include a single +41 expertise crystal). We can also buy directly several expertise crystals (I don't know if these can be REed simply because the french game client appears to be bugged (RE doesn't display if we can get a new schematics from it)). Finaly we can buy crafting materials and bags of crafting materials at the same vendors.

A lot of the new expertise crystal schematics appears to be random loots from the PvP crafting boxes. I bought between 30 and 40 of these boxes with my old centurion and champion commendations and I didn't got a single schematics, as does every players I know. If someone is lucky enough to get one schematic, he would still need 2 baradium flux to craft the crystal.

Problem is, every single of these items cost warzone commendations. A box of crafting material cost 1000 wz commendations for crappy materials and a tiny chance of getting a schematic. And the baradium flux needed to craft the crystals also cost 1000 wz coms each. Thats almost the price of a BM item.

The result is that, as a PvPer, you have to choose between gear or crafting stuff.


Same issue with enhancements and mods. In PvE, players can simply RE spare loots. But there is no such thing in PvP. PvPers need to choose between buying an item they need or an item they don't need so they can RE their parts.


I'm fine with having to spend a few coms to use my crew skills but not this much.

So here is a few suggestions :


  • Reduce the baraidum flux cost to 500 wz coms
  • Reduce drasticly the prices of the PvP crafting boxes
  • Let us buy expertise crystal schematics directly from the pvp vendors
  • Award PvP crafting box for completing the daily pvp quest


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