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Hey all!

Compiled a few questions perhaps someone helpful could help me with :)



1. Introduction (can be skipped):


My first char was a juggernaut back in beta, loved it, adored it and wow it was so awesome despite alot of complaints about it being underpar. I really loved the one-sabre look and the charge is yet to this date the most fun skill ingame IMO. Preordered game first day it was available, played from first day early access and hit 50 before new year. I played alot during that time.

Then most of my RL mates started playing SWTOR after I recommended it and finally managed to get most off LOL (it's a moba-game). But to my horror they wanted to play republic!! Darn crap oh noes!!! I really loved my juggernaut but in the end playing with RL mates > juggernaut. So I made a vanguard (wanted the "charge"-like ability but would hate to be a Jedi, those never appealed to me). But now finally when Legac came they wanted to play Empire and.. I thought awesome! Time to go play that jugg!



2. So my problem is:


I havent been able to keep up to date with changes on Jug and how the itemization affected juggernauts in 1.2. I can say this before I usually ran with a... hmm think it was 24/17 or was it the other way around? uhm cant remember but up to huddle in Vengeance, rest immortal hybrid. I love that in soresu form.

But those talents totally changed (at least the core ones i remember, sorry bad with names) and now I am totally confused, browsed the net and found ALOT of Rage bam spam builds. I don't want to be that guy.



3. Help with build


Can anyone help me with a decent Vengeance build for pvp, or not neccessarly give me a full build but point out the "core mechanics" ? This time around I think I would prefer a full vengeance build but if there's a popular veng-hybrid build I wouldnt mind trying it out. I love talents like Unstoppable etc. and others that affect mobility, yet somehow I remember trying Rage before and never really appreciated the "short jump-like attack, sorry again with the names".

I am mainly interested in PvP and most of the PvE I would do includes flashpoints (normal modes) for the story, help mates, daily quests (other words not very challenging PvE) so rather optimize the build for PvP.



4. Itemization


Before I quit I managed to get most champion items and valor rank 39. How do these items compare to the new recruit gear? Are they better/worse? Should I buy recruit gear instead?


Here's some questions:

Which set bonus should I opt for?

What stat-prio should I use?

What are the soft caps?

Browsed the net and forums, usually went to sithwarrior.com before to check stuff like this but seems they havent any up to date numbers on vengeance.



5. Juggernaut resources, blogs etc


Back during end of beta and early access I remember reading alot on a blog called "guard this" or something and I really appreciated the Author of that blog, he was good, informative and sure he had his point of view but generally could discuss buffs/nerfs in a mature and interesting to read manner.

For my Vanguard I followed this guy "Taugrim" and I'm looking for similar offsite resources like this for my juggernaut.



6. Ravage


Okay I got to ask. All of a sudden on my vanguard I see alot of people using Ravage in warzones, I hear alot of talk about it on forums and I see posts of 15% more dmg + 8% from spec + uninterruptable but the Ravage I remember from the old days was not good enough to be valuable with even those buffs (at least that was my mindset back then). Why is it so good now? Is it because of items?



7. Thanks!


Sorry for wall of text of questions but those items have been nagging on my mind. Any helpful input, forward to other sources, feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Not going to quote, so I'll do my best from memory.


Regarding Vengeance PvP - you might value some things more than I do, so I'll give you what I consider to be a very good starting point, and you can fill in the rest. Perhaps Dracosz will pop in here, and add his expertise as well.




Regarding Ravage - it was good before, but now it's great, especially as Vengeance.


The new Recruit gear is equivalent to Champion, has inferior stats, but more Expertise. If you can mostly win, it doesn't take long to get into BM gear (which no longer has a Valor requirement), so you can decide if the credit expenditure is worth it. Also note, that the Recruit gear does not have a set bonus. Perhaps that just answered your question right there, heh.


Stat weights - I like Crit and Surge as Vengeance, but that's just me. Others may very well tell you different, and I would probably listen to them...unless they agree with me.


Run a premade of at least 2 people, preferrably 4, if you can. Primarily to help increase your chances of winning, but also to prevent getting backfilled into a seriously losing proposition. It might still happen, but it's much less likely. Also, oddly enough, I have seen a premade get divided between both teams in the same WZ. :confused:


Set bonus - these are the same for Centurion/Champion/BM/WH. If you mean which set to grab, I would recommend the Vindicator set, regardless of your spec. I wouldn't grab War Leader unless I was on a serious, 8-man team, and that was my specific role. Even then, I would still want to take the Vindicator set.


Taugrim is a good guy, and seems pretty knowledgeable and experienced, but I tend to stay away from information sources like that. Some, like Taugrim, are very good, but I find that they have a much too singular view for my taste, so I don't really have any to recommend.



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