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Shut out games


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Wow, these new changes are terrible. While they vomit and defecate on their customer base, lets add one more vote to warzones. "Shut Out", with their recent changes this ought to be automatic (you know, when one team does three or four times better in about all categories), the effect of calling a "Shut Out" game is debatable... either A the losing team should get propped up in rewards as far as the highest opposing scorer, or to be honest, what should really happen is no one gets any reward since obviously the winning team went completely unchallenged.


Honestly I expect this post to get flamed. If they are NOT going to keep preforms away from PUGs what recourse aside from not playing have they left? After an hour and a half against the same preform in three abysmal matches I can say with certainty PVP is done for me until there are some corrections.


War zones that are 50% or over preform need to face other preforms. That won't stop shut out games, the team that bothers to have any tactics can still massacre the other team if they are sloppy... but maybe not so bad that half their opponents can't at least score 1 medal. But IF after trying to make pr-coordinated teams face one another a shutout still happens, see above. The seriously smarting losers should be able to sound off.


This may seem a bit like punishing people for winning, the aim is to make them face people at their own skill/gear(90% of skill in this game is really gear) level.

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