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Double Strike Animation


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Hey all, ill make this brief.


Im in love with the darth maul image shadow/assassin and I love the flashy moves.


But some of the moves look a little clunky

my biggest beef is double strike.


Its the same diagonal slash all the time then I thought of project. Well if the games design allows for several project objects to be pulled from the ground can't you also make several animations for double strike and randomize it?


we need more then just clunky diagonal cut...how bout a horizontal cut once in a while? or a vertical cit? or even one of these moves coming from the main man himself

watch darth maul around 3:39 and he does a backwards double strike .


My point is shadows look nothing like this video and I would like to see some more double saber action out of them. I realize its a game and will never be as fast paced as this fight scene but we could have had some cooler and less clunky animations.

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