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GCDs trigger with no effect.


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I've been having this problem ALOT on my guardian opposed to other classes i've played.

I'm sure this happens to other people. When i use an ability, it often doesn't use said ability but still triggers the GCD.


As i push for example Sundering Strike or Overhead Slash, the GCD triggers and nothing happens, no damage, no animation, no nothing. But i'm still penalized by having to wait 1.5 seconds for my GCD.


This has happened one to many times with Master Strike aswell, but in this case the animation does happen.

When it does, i can't move or do anything else until the 3second animation has happened or if i re-use Master Strike after the GCD bug. This is getting really frustrating.


Is there anyway to fix this issue? I don't think lag or my connection is the issue, because this happens so much more on my Guardian then my other characters.

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