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A very dissapointed customer.


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Hi all,




First of all i want to say that i'm a big fan of Star Wars, but i'm so dissapointed by this game. I dont even know where to start...


Well i have canceled my sub so did my gf too. Biggest reason was: Creators of this game, are instead of improving game they are killing it more and more. I went over some huge disapointments in begining mainly cuz of Star Wars hype, but now its enough.


BW ruined jedi's by classing them into 4 different types just cuz they were unable to make other character classes, like space pirates, playabe battle droids, i mean, where is Imperial Stormtroopers(ok, game is in past, but Empire had soldiers back then too, or i might been wrong), and so on...


I imagined jedi's gonna be like in the movies, like in old jedi games, force push, telekinesis, blaster deflection, but, it seems jedi's in past were limited to have 1-2 jedi ability...


I wonder what happened with all those races that exist in Star Wars universe, why are those race just background? Why ppl can create wookie, rodian, or what ever, thats one of things that is missing, but i get over it too.


Space mission are on lvl of 3yrs+, so dissapointing...


Speeders that are more like 50'cc mopeds. There is nothing speedy about them. Sad.


Almost to forget what happened to light vs dark side in this game? A light sided jedi can group up with dark one and go to same missions and light jedi can't do anything but to watch dark one killing poor ppl....Also sad.


Even Repubublic vs Emipre is non existed, Ilum was a joke to pvp population. Now even in WZ ppl will be forced to fight own faction.... Really? I'm mean REALLY....That's so epic Star Wars.


I played alot of pvp, and it feels like i was paying for 3 maps all this time. CC heaven with ppl who never play pvp in their lifes before running around spamming all cc skills they got. I don't know how many times i have seen a ballcarrier in Huttball with noobs surounding and filling filling his/hers resolve bar just before last fire...Countless knockbacks making a real hell for melees to enjoy pvp...Back in time there was games with one class one cc...Once again. Sad.


Maybe i just have to accept the fact that Swtor is game made for 12yrs+ that think that Episodes 1-3 are good.


You should consider renaming to *oW in Space.


Goodbye all.


Excuse my bad english.

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Hello Rhunna!


We appreciate you taking the time to express your thoughts and concerns about Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, but will be closing this thread, as there is little room for constructive discussion.


We encourage you to make threads about specific game-related topics if you like and suggest putting them in the Suggestion Box or specific forum.


We wish you the best.

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