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Juggernaught Question


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Hi there!


Choosing what skill tree to choose especially since you have chosen a Juggernaut primarily depends on whether or not you want to be a Damage dealer, or a Tank.


If you don't know either role real well;


DPS (Damage): Will primarily be doing damage in operations, flashpoints, or warzones.


Tank: Soaking up damage and mitigating damage on others in operations, flashpoints, or warzones.



Currently, my main is a Juggernaut Tank, and I knew that this was going to be the case since Early Release, because I have been tanking on multiple games for over 9 years. This is why you need to decide what you want to do and stick to it, otherwise you will find that going in-between trees can get a little complex. The Immortal (Tanking) spec is very good and has alot of cooldowns and abilities that mitigate damage, it is very fun to play, it is although lacking in aoe (area) threat and damage but is a very very strong single target tank (for boss fights).


The Vengeance spec, (in my opinion) is a very stable and decent damaging spec for PvE, that is strong in single target and aoe damage. I personally haven't tried this, as I don't DPS usually, but I've heard it's pretty fun.


The rage spec can also be used to DPS, however it's more geared to a PvP environment, and thus is better for warzones.


Remember, depending on your pick, your stat priorities will change a bit and so will the gear.



If you need any help building a talent tree, rotation, gearing, or levelling I'd be more than happy to help!


May the force be with you good sir!



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