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That's it, I'm quitting


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...reading any threads where people bang on about why the game doesn't measure up 100%, specifically to their own individual tastes,


I'm enjoying the game, it's not perfect but very few games are.

Will I post in threads asking what I would like to see? Certainly. Will I think sometimes, "Hey, that wasn't too cool, I wish this was done differently"? Yes, more than likely.


Would I expect everyone to agree with my opinion after I flounce off into the sunset declaring I will never play this game again and consider anyone who disagrees to be blind, rabid fanboys?


Hell no.


Get a grip. I think the game is harmless fun, your mileage may vary, no one cares.

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Greetings SithMagician_X!


We are closing this thread. While we understand that players can be frustrated with the community at times, please understand that threads like this (even when made with good intentions) tend to result in flame wars and have little room for constructive discussion. In the future, we encourage you to create threads that foster constructive discussion and not ones which criticize the community.


We appreciate your understanding that we've closed this thread!

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