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Legacy 1.2 Impressions (Practical Issues)


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When SWtOR was released I was absolutely thrilled with the graphics, companions and story-lines. Now I my views are somewhat negative since I expected 1.2 to solve practical matters and not being a cosmetic features balancing game-economy thing. However I do like the new warzone and Ops.


(1) LFG : Non-Existent. So it's 4 months now, in the year 2012 and there is no LFG engine. I want to avoid the ordeal of pleading or spamming in the general chat for a group; and in vain. I waste a lot of time looking for flashpoint groups for low level alts and that could be fixed easily. It exists in other games, in WoW there is dungeon finder for instance.


(2) Ilum PvP : Terrible. A good example that big things are not always the best. If they had design it smaller might worked, now it is a desolate wasteland that we are bored to visit. Add NPCs, add some PvP quests there, make it smaller, reasonable things.


(3) Quest Log : Need More. Adding more dailies should require to add more Quest log space. With all the Vehicle quest, PvE, PvP dailies/weeklies, Ilum and Corellia dailies, the battle of Ilum, Flashpoints etc. 5 additional slots in the log would be practical, 10 slots would be amazing.


(4) Sith Inquisitor Healer : Class has become utterly appalling. I don't know where you get your info and thought necessary to nerf the SI Corruption sorcerer. Not only fir 4 out of 5 healing spells caster has to stand still, not only the casting time is too long for most of the spells but the castings are also prone to interruption and stun. So in warzone now SI Corruption Sorc totally sucks, for we all ,very well, know that good PvP teams always aim for the healers first. In addition when we cast Revivification and hold our hands in the air is like we are yelling ''Come and kill me I am a freekin' healer''. For the record I have 74 valor and Battlemaster gear before patch and ranked often in the top in battle statistics. In PvE my class has become a liability even though I had attained Infernal title and am a proud bearer of full Rakata set. Healing now is slow and inadequate and caster can't move too much. There is no worse feeling, letting down your peers in Ops.


(5) Hacking : I don't know if anyone is hacking after patch 1.2. Now I don't have the time to watch at other players movements as I did before, because I am so preoccupied in getting my healer butt kicked. But before patch even my grand-mother would hack the game. I do not want anyone banned or punished, I demand equal opportunities for all and security that prevents such things. Too much to ask? I don't think so.


(6) Since credit boxes do not stack I had to exchange around a 1000 Champion and Centurion commendations one by one. An ordeal.


And finally

(7) Legacy features : Before patch nobody cared so much for credits, if you had 2M or 20M the difference was small. Utopia for me, cause I don't like doing business in the GTN and/or grind/farm. Now from being a gamer I am forced to become a zonked-credit farmer just because I want to play a Chiss Warrior. Why not either unlock Legacy features with Legacy level -or- unlock it with credit, instead of both requirements?

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