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The Fatman


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Ok people, i understand the need for a healthy server and why a player would like to be on one. But this is getting crazy. 700 man que to get into game is about 45 mins. Why are you all rerolling here. If you were smart you would pick the 2nd or 3rd highest pop server to join. Your not supposed to all reroll on the same server as it kills the natives. Now my guild is big and probably one of the best on the server and were gobblin up all these newcomers and its good to see new faces and meet new people. HOWEVER, your problems will not be solved by rolling to a "god-like" server. In fact they dont exist. Your still gonna get stomped if your not in a premade, you have to go through the same gear progression. Generally speaking, besides que times for WZ's, your gonna run into the same problems.


I implore any sub level 30 to just go away. Im sorry but there are plenty of other servers available to you for what you need. The Fatman is not a fix all server, in fact all the rerollers are "breaking" a good server. Use your head people and dont make your problems mine.


Sorry for being snarky, its just i know that if a person leaves a server they probably wont be playing the game long anyways and i dont feel like waiting for 45 mins when i get out of work to log on. We all know your going to be gone in a month or two, so why not just save us all a bunch of time.


Cheers. :)

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