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Unsubscribing until Bioware fix the server issue :(


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I'm writing in hopes the developers take it on board and act upon it.


There are several issues that are bothering me regarding the game, my main one being the lack of content at level 50, or more specifically, the severe lack of people on my sever to play with.


At the best of times there are 23 people on the space station, Ive only

A aged to complete 2 flash points between level 1-50, and none since I hit 50. PvP is also a complete joke, 7/10 times whenever I enter a new game Republic ends up being completely outgunned and we're outnumbered , leaving me with a bitter PvP experience in my mind as a first impression.


Don't get me wrong I LOVED playing the game while levelling, but the multiplayer aspect is virtually non existent due to poor implementation of the PvP grouping system, and very weak server population which has basically crippled my in game experience. I really wanted this game to succeed, and I still do as I have the upmost respect for the developers at Bioware, they've made some of the best games I have ever played and are one of the few studios that really understand what players want.


That being said, the truth is my experience has been sour due to ( let's admit it) a really stupid reason.. Server population. The animations ended up being flat and non fluid in both travel and combat, lightsaber combat wasn't what they promised it to be. I will most likely sub again after the next major content release as I do not want this game to fail at all, hopefully the devs will listen at some point. Hope you guys have fun in the meantime :)

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Hello everyone,


While we do appreciate anyone who takes the time to compile constructive feedback for us, we're closing this thread, as we do have a forum for suggestions and many subforums for specific topics.


For example we have a thread for discussion on low server populations

Server population is dropping...


PvP Forums for discussion on PvP topics


If you have a specific suggestion or individual piece of feedback, we encourage you to post in the Suggestion Box forum or to make a thread regarding your issue in the relevant subforum.


Thank you!

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