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Allow descriptions for items on GTN


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Well just like the thread says I'd like if we could attach short descriptions to stuff we sell. I think would benefit many crafters and their providers, like in example "whisper me for more materials" or "I can make more X if you got Y". Notes like that would realIy might boost up the trade a bit, sometimes I keep searching the GTN for hours to get materials I need, while at the same time there are people who have them and might need the stuff I can do with them. I saw lot of people complaining that full headgears disable their hoods which in fact is true for lot of gears but not all, many ppl miss that "Revanite" look and would want to have a full face mask with hood up and lot of them are not even aware that headgear like that exists and that it is possible to have a mask and a hood up! I'm speaking about "Elite Marauders Headgear" here specifically in that example. But like i stated before, some short notes on items we sell might be very handy ^^
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