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1.2 WarZones unbalance Issues and their Fix/Suggestion


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Unfortunately the new WZ/pvp idea of SWTOR has made it so that you can't play just any class in WZ any more. Now it is all about being a tank or keeping they enemy a far distance from you at all times and staying alive the longest that you can, doing what ever amount of dmg you can.


The problem many of us are running into is that without the extra Defense rating and endurance we are dieing way to fast (5-15 sec in a fight of 3v5 4v5, 5v5, and more). But getting the extra defense and endurance means that we have to cut out a lot of our main stats if we are not normally a tank class. At this point we might as well not play the non tank classes and just stick to tank classes because they are already built to work best with tanky gear and they will even have heaver armor than the non tank classes. Also, since they are built to work with tanky gear already their DPS won't be nerfed from using it.


Many people that I have talked to are putting away their sentinels and smugglers and are now having to roll Guardians, shadow tanks, or sages. Sages aren't tanky but their Telekinetic Throw is long ranged and has good dmg to it and a good slow to it so it takes the enemy a bit of time getting to them and then they just knock them, and any others near them, back and use Telekinetic Throw again. This is done over and over and over and is how they stay alive by keeping the enemy away. The close range classes have no way to do ranged dmg so keeping them away is bad for them so they have to go into a close combat of 1v2, 1v3, or more and they get focused because they are so close to the enemy that they just die way to fast. The other ranged classes can do ranged dmg but have very little in the effect of keeping the enemy at bay, to the level of what a sage can do, and have no AOE knock back so they can get jumped very easily and die fast because of this.


When the PvP Damage Boost and PvP Damage Reduction were both even with each other there was a more stable PVP/WZ environment where you could play any class and be able to live long enough to put out a decent about of dmg. Many of us agree that some of the healing classes were a bit overpowered when it took 3-5 guys to kill them because of their instant hot spells that healed them or a fellow healer healing them up about 50%-70% hp with ONE spell.


We think that the nerf to healers was a good thing (even if it was almost to the point of an over exaggerated nerf), but had you left it at the nerf of only the healers and left the PvP Damage Boost and PvP Damage Reduction the same the game would have been more balanced.


We have heard that SWTOR did all of the stuff that they have done in 1.2 to the WZ and PVP because they thought people were living to long. We believe that you accomplished your goal with giving healers a nerf, but when you went beyond that it actually became a negative impact on a balanced game play in WZ/PVP overall.



Keep the nerf on healers and the PvP Healing Boost, but put the expertise back to where the PvP Damage Boost and the PvP Damage Reduction are once again equal to each other.

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I would have to agree with this. Warzones pre 1.2 launch seemed to have a higher sense of skill that was required in order for the team to win and be productive. With the nerf that has come upon all heals within warzones it has almost completely nullified the need or the use for heals altogether. Now the warzones seem to be simply determined by which team has more tanks and can outlive the other team, which in the case of the server Black Vulkars the imps not only outnumber us 2:1, but the majority of them are either tanks or the now extremely powerful, dare i say borderline OP marauders. I believe a fix to this is rather simple, increase the expertise bonus to heals. Does that mean that it needs to be fully equal to the amount of damage boost, no not at all. If you were seeing as devs that people were living too long in pvp combats thats fine we understand that, but the huge gap between damage and heals now not only makes the healers feel useless, but makes for a bunch of rather unskilled players able to zerg locations within a warzone and win. That is not skill that is simply playing follow the leader...
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Yes they really stuffed up the game balance in 1.2


Especially sentinals, you don't have to be a genius to understand why now everyone is jumping around in them like sonic the hedgehog, doing 2k dmg+ in rapid succession so they can kill anyting in a few hits.


Personally I'd like to see the 'balance' changes reverted, and go back to the drawing board they were ill conceived.


Pre-patch the game favoured tanks in general, not because they were overpowered but because dps classes while they did damage lacked the durability to live long enough to do it.


Gunslingers were overpowered which is why there were so many of them as is the case now with sentinals to the point you can go into a WZ and its nearly all sentinals.


I'm sorry that's not balance, and you shouldn't be knee jerking around with game balance in such a manner to the point that you throw out the window what has been gleaned though beta etc, and then chuck in this reactionary stuff.


Overall I think the other changes are good, though you guys still haven't really got a grasp on making this game into a MMO, and one of the areas of that is after 50 gameplay and crafting and other suplemental activety's.


The new campaign's are a nice touch, poorly done though mind you what the heck is the point of a mid level player trying to do dailys for a lev 31 Item, when it takes them so long to get the tokens for it, that they are way past the level of the item before they do because of the daft costs.

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I thought it a good idea to bring this thread back from the depths now that 1.3 is round the corner. It has some very good ideas and points on balance and PvP in general - and yet (like many other insightful threads that knowledgeable players have posted) it seems to have been largely ignored.


I hope that someone will see this and post why they have left sentinels / mara alone. The way things are going, soon its going to be a 2 class pvp system - Guardian or Sentential (and their imp counterparts).

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