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Sorcerer's Headgear... does it exist?


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As the title says... does this schematic/item exist in the game?


TORhead lists the item and schematic:



A commenter said you can discover the schematic with at T2 UT mission, but I've had no luck. Nobody on my server's GTN seems to sell anything other than the chest/legs.


I'm looking for this headpiece with an augment slot because the model is a headband and not so offensive... mostly for companions since my toon can hide head slot, obviously.

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spent today spamming T2 UT missions and i scored one...




sadly, it's the wrong faction! haha.




So I have to wonder... is this bugged? I have had a full set of Consular gear drop now on Empire side (including 2x head pieces)... not a single Sorcerer piece... are the faction flags somehow mixed up? Should I check the GTN on pub side to see if it procs there? So bizarre...

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It is no problem. You can craft it and use it for your empire player. Every item has it's light/dark appearance. Give it a try.


These items do not change when sent cross-faction, they are class-specific.


Something else that I'm wondering... on Empire side, I only can seem to get the Consular's version schematic to drop (Republic variant)... and I have yet to see it on the GTN ever. e.g. I have had the FULL set of Consular gear drop for me now, but not a single Sorcerer variant.


However, today on the Republic GTN, bam, there the schematic was... Sorcerer's Headgear.


Is there some kind of cross-faction bug or is this meant to encourage cross-faction GTN use by dropping recipes for the opposite faction classes only? Food for thought... either that or it's just bizzarro RNG working against me here. I'm going to test the other tiers a bit more to see what I get for the low-level recipes and see if this correlates at all.

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