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What I think is still bad after update 1.2.


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Before I pick on the negatives, I'd like to thank the Dev's for the really great new content & hard work I can only imagine on the Lagacy story line & programing done.

I've read the reports on accounts that were banned for some who went to Ilum at early levels to treasure hunt or whatever. I haven't been there yet in fear of getting banned myself. I feel it was BW's fault for not making sure you could not get to Ilum if you we're less then lvl 40. It should have been locked to any Charactors less then lvl 40.

I can understand now why almost everything in this game is so expensive. I think it's to try & eliminate the possibility of credit farming. I purchased a speeder for 55K before 1.2. Little did I know that after update 1.2, that same speeder is now 225K. Wow!! how unreal this is in my opinion to raise the price this high. But I guess BW has got to do this to keep possible credit farming down, if it is happening.

I complained about having to wait till lvl 25 in order to get a speeder & lvl 1 rider. But the overall expence to get to rider 2 & 3 is a turn off to me. I had suggested I felt we should have had our speeders at lvl 15, just before or after we got our Ships. Having to walk & even after getting sprint, I was falling asleep at my keyboard in game. I know e got Taxi's to take us places, but even so, there is alot of ground to be covered on foot.

This drawback is going to keep me from making new charactors in the future, & this may even make me think about cancelling my sub, due to the boredom of not being able to get around as fast as I would like to.

In SWG we got speeders at lvl 1, & there was no speed limit. It's true other speeder models were faster, but all you needed were the credits to buy the parts, & a Crafter to craft it for you. In TOR with the right skills you can make speeders, but you cant sell them. I'm not even sure you can give them away as a gift to players on your side.

This is a turn off.

I've read in 1.2 notes that our Legacy toons will get speeders at lvl 10. This I must say is a BIG Plus.

I just wish this would happen in the future when we make new toons. I think it would be great, not to have to wait till lvl 25. I think all new toons made should get speeders at lvl 10 as long as this is going to happen for Lagacy toons.

One thing I really wish BW would have done with this game is give us a game play mode like I see in many games for "Easy/Moderate/Hard" game play. This I think would have really made this game even greater so we could solo this game easier if we wanted to, by allwing us to control the enemy more with a mode option like this. I have played many games with "Easy/Moderate/Hard" mode options & just find them more fun to play for me.

I must admit I cant stand a game that is so hard you cant play it alone. I know we can invite friends on our sides in TOR to help out with the mad crazy Quests & Flashpoints, & at least thats a plus.

Thank you.

My thoughts & feelings here is only feedback on what I think would make this game more enjoyable.

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