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Are Biometric Crystal Alloys hard to get now?


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Since 1.2 I have found it really hard to get Biometric alloys for crit crafting some rakata relics to wear.


Pre 1.2 I got Synth up to craft my armour and manage to do them in around 10 ish trys.


Then I started on artifice and have been on this for around a month with no success.


Now the issue is that I am finding it difficult to source the mats!

They haven't dropped for me in a Hard mode yet and when they do I will only be rolling against people who intend to sell them rather than craft with them!

They are currently 150K on the market to buy and when I have little success crit crafting them it hardly is seeming worth it!


I see you can get the crafting box's from doing space quests and gathering 120 marks or around that......


Is there any other way?


Pre 1.2 I found people needed them for no reason in Hard Modes and now I am pretty sure they will always need to sell to crafters.


I just feel it is all abit screwed up.


Anyone else want to share some knowledge or opinions freely do so :)


Thanks for reading

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