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Random World Spawns Suggestion


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It's happened on many occasions, in this world and others, whenever there are random world spawns for crafting items, gear or in this case, Vanity Pets. You wait and wait for the respawn. Other people drop in and you have a chat with them. MOST people agree that the person who is there first, is next in line and act in a civil and respectful manner. Yet, there is always going to be a small percentage of the community who feels that everything is theirs and 'so what if you were here first, I have other things to do', who swoop in and steal the spawn from those who were waiting patiently, in line, and enjoying the company of others, in the community. It's been a problem since the first MMO appeared and, most likely, will be, when the last one rears it's head for the last time, and dies.


There are many other games that have worked around allowing the least civil and respectful among us, to have their sense of 'WINNING' when they feel they have to blatantly ignore any sense of community or basic, either real or imagines, sense of claim.


The most recent example of for the Egg spawn for the Okareet pet. In most (and I stress most) cases, people are cool and wait their turn. Yes, there is always one individual who feels they have rights to whatever they want with no repercussions because, really, who's going to enforce Ninja Looting policies? So, if there is no threat of getting caught, warned or whatever, they can simply walk all over the rest of the community and too bad if you don't like it.


Suggestion for a fix, to make it less of a pain for people who have waited for hours, only to have some, less than human specimen come along and force them to wait for 4-5 more hours, when they could be moving on and doing something else? Maybe a console, at the nests, that the first person who shows up and settles in to stake a claim can press and as long as they do not move from that spot, the prize is theirs. If they leave the immediate area, the next person who logs into the console is now the owner of that spot, until the next spawn, as long as they stay in the immediate area and don't log, queue for PvP or whatever.


Just a thought, to make things peaceful and to take away the Ninja factor, before it even get's started.


I've been in several games who had similar instances for crafting items, vanity prizes, etc and they all ended up finding a way, successfully, to avoid this sort of behavior from those who simply don't care for anything or anyone but themselves. Of course, we are all here for ourselves and for our own enjoyment but to have someone(s) who slowly chip away at the fun factor, takes away from the community, as a whole.

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I also just heard a great suggestion, for this item, in general, of having the Egg be clickable and the person who clicked it, has to wait for the egg to hatch, causing the pet to recognize that player as his 'Mommy'. I thought that was a cute twist.


Fears I have heard are that if the person who does initially click leaves, then a bunch of others will rush to be the next clicker, causing more hard feelings. In my experience with this thing, as of yet, though, I have not seen more than 1 or 2 people on the egg at any given time. That may just be on my server so, I can't tell.


Either way would, most likely, relieve hard feelings and take the power away from the Ninja Looters.

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I was sitting here thinking of a response to this post, and possible suggestions to tag with this on how to fix the issue of ninja looters. I know from experience in other MMOs that when in camping situations when their looks to be a few people already camping something I tend to walk away and hope for better luck next time, but this is not always the situation. There will always be greedy people who feel their wants, their needs, and their time is more valuable than those who have already put the time into waiting for what's theirs. To make things fair and honorable I have thought of a possible response to Rated'x to make situations like this just a little bit on the fair side. it's just a thought, because I too have always hated camping things for hours just to have someone show up last minute and steal it.


I feel possibly that instead of a console maybe you should make the egg itself that console figure, where you go, and click, and once clicked the clicker must sit and wait in order to hatch the egg. The egg could also possibly record an order of those clicked, so that if someone chooses to sit and wait "their" turn the egg will know that the following hatch will belong to the 2nd clicked, and so on. The order will only stay valid of those who clicked sit and wait their turn. You can make a buff icon that states players are queued up for the egg hatching, and or hatching the egg. This will also satisfy another peeve I have with pets which will give reason to still having to sit and wait, because with this method you basically you are now forced to sit, mocking the role of the mother in keeping the egg warm in order to hatch.


With this though at least then it would be a first come first serve, the person who showed up first can click and wait. Everyone else who shows up after will see that the egg is already being occupied, and move onto another location, or sit and wait their turn.

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