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Hi everyone, I'm making this thread for two reasons:


1. To have a complete compilation of every well known and lesser known voice actor in SWTOR and...

2. Have a thread discussing the community's favorite voice(actor) in game and why.


I'm sure there have been threads like this in the past, but I would like to gather everyone's opinion/knowledge about the voices in game. First off lets get some obvious voices down. Feel free to add more.


Male Jedi Knight = David Hayter

Male Jedi Consular = Nolan North

Female Trooper = Jennifer Hale

Male Trooper = Brian Bloom

Satele Shan = Jennifer Hale

Risha (Smuggler companion) = Tara Strong

Female Imperial Agent = Jo Wyatt

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Mark Bazely as the male Sith Warrior has the best lines, best delivery and best attitude in the game, imo. He can keep his cool, act like a d**k, and still sound sophisticated. He projects the attitude of not taking any crap off anyone, and even sounds cool when trolling Baras and other Sith Lords who really deserve it. lol


Yes, Solid Snake as the male Knight is awesome, and I noticed several easter eggs in his dialogue for Metal Gear Solid fans. Not to mention the fact that there's a companion customization that makes Kira look suspiciously like Meryl from MGS and MGS4. :p


Jen Cohn as Lord/Darth Zash is epic. First game I've heard her in, but she brings sass and class to the part, as well as a good healthy dose of sexiness. Doesn't hurt that Zash looks quite a bit like Victoria Beckam with larger... mmhmms! ;)


Nolan North, imo, did the part for what it's supposed to be. Stuffed shirt uptight Jedi stooge. I loved his work in the Drake games and Halo ODST, as well as numerous others, but just didn't like the part he plays here in TOR. Waste of great voice talent.


Kari Wahlgren as the female Knight. Outstanding! I've loved her work since... well... forever. Everything she does is top notch. Rogue Galaxy was the first game I remember playing with her in it. Probably played others before that, but yeah. lol


Steve Blum as Andronikos Revel is perfect. Basically the Zeghram Gart of Star Wars. Another alum of Rogue Galaxy, and his character there was pretty much identical to Andronikos in attitude.


Brian Bloom as the male Trooper. A bit of a miscast, imo. If they could have gotten him to do it, I think Adam Baldwin would have been a better choice.


Jennifer Hale as both Satele Shan and the Female Trooper. She's gotta be the hardest working lady in Voice Acting, and she's definitely been in everything! Loved her since KotOR when she played Bastila, and everything from Darkwatch (Cassidy and Cassidy's ghost) to the Mass Effect series (female Shepard). She's just awesome, imo. :D


Tim Omundson as Aric Jorgan. Same type of attitude as he has on Psych as Detective Lassiter. I've just started watching the series in recent weeks, and recognized his voice immediately, if not his name. lol


Stacy Haiduk as Akaavi Spar. Been a fan or hers since the old Adventures of Superboy series when she played Lana Lang. Then SeaQuest DSV and SeaQuest 2012. She's gorgeous, and does her voice work perfectly.


Andrew Bowen as Doc... umm, another miscast right there. I honestly believe they should have asked Bruce Campbell to do the role. As it stands, I find Doc to be extremely annoying. At least Bruce would have made the part funny. :p


Anyhow, here's a link for voice actors in TOR if you want to take a look and help you compile them.



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