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Idea for Rival Server PVP


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Reading the posts in PVP - obviously James Ohlen is looking to create some more open world pvp and a whole lot of players are complaining about the Imp - Repub imbalance.


So my idea is a warzone that pits one server against another. Server in the same real world location could even form a conference and as one server wins or loses it could be pitted against other servers, climbing up or down a rank server ladder.


Because players only play for their server, it preserves the server community, while allowing better balance in an open warzone and also allowing people to play the faction of their choosing.


It could be that for this kind of warzone republic and imperials would team up to fight the other server or because of the faction imbalance maybe 2 imperial factions duke it out with republic from both servers team up to duke it out with both imperial factions for a three way brawl.


I really liked big open world PVP in other games with vehicles and destructable fortifications. And I'm so darn tired of huttball over and over. I hope you have some kind of solution.


Frankly it would be even cooler if the PVP area built itself in different ways to make each game new - similar to something like the maps in Diablo. Maybe even with different objectives based on the generated map and you acquire those objectives like a quest at the beginning.

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