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I am obsessed with achievements and am sad that I am almost unable to get some. These achievements I am talking about are the Epic Enemies achievements for the final bosses in the normal level 50 Flashpoints. Since you cameo the hard mode at that level, people just do that for the gear instead of doing normal first. This makes it so I cannot get a group. But there is an easy fix. Halo had the bright idea to make the campaign complete achievements easier. If you got the achievement for completing the campaign on Heroic, you also got the one for completing it on Normal. The same went if you got the Legendary achievement. With this, you can just make it so that if I kill the last boss in False Emperor on Hard Mode for instance, I would also get the achievement for killing him on normal. This could also go for operations. This is just a thought from an addict so I understand if it doesn't mak it in-game soon, or even ever.
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