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Give us a Chance to Elimnate Rathgoul from Taris


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I am loving Taris, amazing job they did on this spectacular ecumenopolis, one of my all time favorite worlds in KoTOR and now in TOR...but


tho i love cleaning out the Rathgoul, I would love an option patch in the future that allows us to totally and permenantly eliminate the Rathgoul and maybe the other evil creatures from that world and to give it a chance to heal. I know it might be complex coding but maybe not.l Just set a ulitmate kill off figure to achieve, say a totaly of 1000 rathgoul and they they all disappear forever. I would love to be able to walk around and study the ruins without them messing things up.


I know this may be pie in the sky and down the list of needed changes but it came to me and i wanted to share it.

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