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Troopers and Alderaan PVP


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Ever since patch 1.2 almost every single Adleraan I have been into the Republic has won. Now I'm not going to say they are'nt good at that map. They have obviously had as much time in Alderaan as we have had in Huttball. However what is disturbing to me is the consitent ability of the Republic to not only cap 3 turrets but HOLD 3 turrets when the same feat is few and far between on the Imperial Side.


I attribute this to two things. Firstly the side speeder bikes were not removed. THEY SHOULD BE! And secondly but MORE IMPORTANTLY the trooper. I noticed today that troopers can roll around with 20k hp. The tanking ones anyway, I'm not sure about the dps specced ones. So what I see happening is in Alderaan when one or two troopers guards a turret and the Empire goes to claim that turret...it takes LONG ENOUGH to kill one trooper to the point that EVERY TIME they are able to recieve backup either before they die or immediately after. Result.....the turret never gets claimed.


Now should we nerf the trooper? NO. Seems to me people are loving the new spec but feel free to post if you dont feel this way about YOUR trooper. Now I know some of you will say, "Well Bounty Hunters can do the same thing." Maybe. Issues come in with the population variance between Republic and Imperials. At least on my server. When the Empire breeds more Assassins and Sorcerers and the Republic breeds in excess Troopers and Knights then the impression you get is pretty obvious. Troopers that are OP with Knights that devastate multiple players at a time. Add to this the fact that even tanking troopers put out above average damage and you get players wanting to cry nerf.


When they made it so players couldnt hop the gap in voidstar I noticed MORE competetive matches against the Republic on my server. In the same spirit the side speeders from alderaan should be removed to give a more lightly armored team a chance at winning over a more heavily armored team without taking so long as to endlessly recieve reinforcements while mob rolling around the map killing mercilessly and with no retaliation at each turret. I think it would alleviate the republic monopolizing 3 turrets almost every alderaan (maybe not for all but at least on my server where we have some AMAZING guilds with phenomenal players) and ward off players who want to cry "Moar Nerf" to Troopers.


Finally my own personal opinion on the Trooper. I think its great players are enjoying them more than ever. But I think that if a heavy armored class is able to have 5 k more health than the average player that maybe their damage output should be toned down a bit. When it takes two players to assault one trooper and that trooper kills two players without breaking past 80% then I'd say they have their cake and are eating it too.


-Darth "Please reply intelligently" Kumori-

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