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So tired of zoning into a WZ to have it 5 seconds away from a loss !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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*** are sooo many of the que's i wait for, when i get the pop and enter in the team is losing 5 - 0 in huttball and the 6th goal is about to score, or alderran is 500 - 30 and about to lose, or in this most recent case... the new wz and the team i que'd onto was losing 100% to 4%.


i waste a que, waste my time, and get 0 anything because it's kinda hard to do a thing inside of a 5 second window before the match is over.


is it not enough my heal class was nerfed, dps was buffed but now i can't even play in the garbage parameters 1.2 set up because every wz i get into is 4 seconds from being over :mad:

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