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patch 1.2 = me quitting


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It was a fun few months, bioware, i've always been a fan of your games and this

one showed the most potential --- but when you castrated sorcerer-healing, and now i'm out of force all the time even when soloing and can't take any of the elites like i used to, and get my butt kicked frequently, and healing is pathetic --- well, i'm sorry you went the way warcraft did by messing over healing, but it's too much for me, you destroy my fav class/specc, then

i'm no longer giving you my $$$. cya!


just wanted to let you know why i was quitting in case you didn't read it on my cancellation from when i cancelled my subscription. I bet thousands (if not more) others are going to leave, too --- the little trinkets you offer in 1.2 cannot compensate for the destruction of several good classes.


good luck,

i'm personally gonna hold out for GW2


pss - flamers, i'm not reading responses, feel free to attack to yoru teenie bopper wicked heart's content

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Greetings, sithrommie.


We do appreciate when anyone has taken the time to express their thoughts and concerns. We will be closing this thread, as there is little room for constructive discussion. However, we do value any feedback and do encourage anyone to voice their feedback on the forums. We only ask that feedback focus on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ itself, and that it is constructive and as detailed as possible.


We thank you for your time and your understanding that we've closed this thread.

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