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Thirty Six Hours – For Love


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Written By: Mike Kern


Shiod is alive. I stand, bewildered, overwhelmed and angry at the same time. He is alive and not once did he tell us! He didn’t come and let neither Kat nor I know about it. He let us linger on in a world without him. I went over the top without him, carried out a mission in the dark without him. Would I have done it if I’d known he was alive? For a mad moment, I imagine the Lieutenant keeping this information from me so I would volunteer.


It is sheer madness and like my anger, evaporates beneath the grinning face before me. We say nothing but simply embrace. His strength is nearly back, I can feel it in his arms. There is the smell of earth and sickness about him, but otherwise he seems hale and healthy. It is only when Kat takes his turn, lifting Shiod bodily off the ground in a bear hug so massive that Shiod protests, that I find my voice.


“How?” I ask. It is enough of a question. Kat puts him down gently and steps back, crossing his arms. We both pin Shiod with our eyes, forcing him to pay attention, to answer us.


“Len,” Shiod says, though his voice is quiet. He takes a step closer to us and shakes his head. “Not here, there are-”


Full story here: http://www.republictrooper.com/2012/04/16/thirty-six-hours-for-love/

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