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Vendor gear sorting.


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It is my profound belief that the vendor system in this game could be handled in a better way.I cannot help to be frustrated at clicking my way through pages upon pages of differerent gear types. For warrior alone it is three different types of sets per trader. (Heavy DPS and Tank, Medium DPS)


Add to this a second type of currency system for the PVE1.2 traders (columi) you get a grand total of 6 armor sets, for one trader. While it isnt necessarily game breaking in any way, it is still a bit of a nuiciance.


SWTOR has a tabbing system for abilities (press P any time), seperating the different types of abilities (Vehicles, companion, base class, adv class, General) After 1.2 this Interface became very sleek, pretty and comprehensive.


My reccomendation is that vendors copy this interface. For a PvE vendor it would look like this


Tionese PvE gear -> Three tabs with War leader, Vindicator, Marauder Set -> which then leads to the different gear available, but this time only shows you the gear from that specific set, eliminating 60+ gear per page down to 15, all within the same set.


This could also be applied to stim vendors

Stim Vendor -> Stims, Adrenals, medkits -> the different stuff


And to the Crafting vendors as well

Crafting Vendors -> Biochem, Armstech, Artifice -> The different stuff needed


I believe this would help remove unclarity, and to be honest the rather messy way the gear vendor system is handled so far. By introducing multiple tabs you could also eliminate the need for multiple vendors for the same tier of gear, by making a "Galactic conflicts vendor" with a tab for Tionese, Columi and Rakata. Then a Black Hole vendor and heavens know what the T3 guy would be called: "Return of the vengeful Womp Rats or something."


Please comment with further suggestions or refinements upon this idea.

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idk, my main is a marauder so I know that my gear is always at the bottom of the scrolled list so I don't find it a pain. However, it could be sorted a lot better. I haven't really dealt with it yet on my alts because I just craft my gear through leveling.
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