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PVP since the 1.2 patch.........


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In other MMO's, PVP never really appealed to me. Then came SWTOR. I leveled up to 50 and started playing PVP. I was absolutely hooked. Loved it.


I am a full defense spec guardian with all BM gear less the helmet and gloves. In every WZ match, I was always close to the top of the leader board and would receive MVP votes quite often. My valor is at 68.


Before 1.2 patch, I'd win 1/2 of my matches. The ones I lost, I was still rewarded enough to keep me playing. I'd do the dailies and weeklys.


Post 1.2 patch, it isn't much fun to put the time in for the WZ's. The ones I win are very fun. The ones I lose, not fun at all. Sometimes we lose because some people aren't aware that you can be down during a match and still come back to win, so they just quit. When that happens, we play 5 vs 8 and that turns the loss into a whipping so it is very difficult to get the 8 medals. The rewards for a WZ loss are crap IMHO.


I'll avoid PVP for now until that changes and level up another toon and work the legacy thing.

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