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*** pvp!!!


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***, or WHAT THE FRAK were you guys thinking about PVP in 1.2?????


I've been a strong supporter of this game SINCE it's 1.0 version, I was not in the beta I bought a Collectors Edition for myself and a normal edition for the wife (she knew I'd love the whole Statue and all the extra in game stuff) and we've been playing since release day 1.


I did not PVP on my first Character (Which took FOREVER for me to decide who to lvl up to 50 first...) and sadly that server (Kath Hound) is DEAD on the republic side. It's also not a PVP server because normally I don't get into the PVP aspect of things. When a buddy of mine say hey come play on Jung Ma with us, I went even though I already had another 50 on Kath... welllll I fell in LOVE with PVP as I started trying the Warzones and with Jung Ma being a PVP server I thought I might need to get some practice in.


So I've been doing PVP since then ENJOYING it then... 1.2 hit, and now, I can't stand it. How fair is it to get into a Zone to LOSE and get, wait for it, 13 commendations?!?!?!? Yeah I was there I believe 30-40 seconds after the start of the match so I wouldn't expect to get all that but wow.. 13, and that's with me getting 7 medals....


Next match... there FULL time we get steamrolled in Huttball (Seriously people LEARN TO PASS) 5-0 and I get.. 28 with 8 medals this time...


Next match we have 3 players, opponents have... 8... they get the bomb on the void door, then the next then the next OH WAIT NOW we get 5 people total... and yeah.. I quit.


This is NOT the way to go for PVP.


Yes the Winners SHOULD get more for winning, obviously, but the losing team should not feel like they got kicked in the crotch, spit on, thrown to the ground, and smacked with a baseball bat.


I did manage to build up some lvl 40 gear for myself and some for my companion before 1.2 hit and let me tell you that did feel like a great accomplishment but now, it feels impossible.


I won't be quiting just because of PVP as it's not the entire reason why I play, but I can understand if someone ONLY played PVP would quit and I can't blame them.


You need to fix this ASAP.

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