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A Tad Clunky...?


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Hello, Everyone!

Okay, so Im relevantly new to this game, and to the Bounty Hunter/Powertech; However I am not new to MMOs ( I think I've played every premium MMO out there, and a few F2Ps.).

I really love the Bounty Hunter class, the story it great, the companions are great, even my characters voice makes me sound like a bad *** even when I'm being cheesy, but I cant help but feel that my class seems a little clunky as far as gameplay mechanics are concerned. I dont mean that he's weak, or anything, but his abilities dont seem to "jive", they dont seem to flow, you know? Perhaps a bad combination of ranges, and CDs? I really can't nail it down, but does anyone else feel the same? I should note that I am only level 17, so as a Powertech I do not have my Retractable Blade yet, and I know I have a ways to go before I have all of the abilities, but I was wondering if anyone felt the same, and if this clunky-ness persists to later levels.


However it is, thanks for you time, all!



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