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How to break a Game - How to fix a Game


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How to Break a Game


1. Make sweeping changes to Healing classes


2. Buff Some dps classes that didnt need a buff and nerf classes the didnt need to be nerfed


3. Delay ranked warzones but still make changes to pvp mechanics. ie expertise.


4. Over inflate server populations with free 7 day trials. It might look good on paper that your player base isn't dropping when people with level 50's are jumping ship.


5. Not having competent game programmers and designers who can code proper in-game combat logging, flash point group ques, server transfers or ranked warzones with cross server queing.


How to fix a Game


1. Listen to your gaming community. You tested class nerfs on the PTS. You had over 2000 post on the sage sorc nerf and how bad it was yet it still went through.


2. Roll back your 1.2 nerfs and buffs on classes. The conveyance buff needs to be coded properly so it doesn't proc twice and operatives shouldnt be able to double stealth.


3. Change back how expertise works in pvp. Your damage boost on players should not be higher then your damage reduction from players.


4. Make your own in game combat logging so people can scroll back up and see what hit them and killed them. The only 3rd party programs that should be used are your dps meters like ACT etc so you can see your dps and hps on raids and you can see what needs to be worked on.


5. Server Transfers. The free ones to the oceanic servers really need to happen at the end of this month and paid transfers a week or so later. Then you need some good server consolidation and cut how many servers there are.


I'm sure i have missed some good things and bad thing in the game right now. I wont quit playing swtor because of bad game mechanics or class inbalance but i will quit the game if all the good players leave and i cant clear content or have people to pvp with and i have no one to play with.

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Hello everyone!


We appreciate feedback, both positive and negative. However, we do ask that that feedback is constructive. This post goes into more detail about what we're looking for in feedback and how to make sure your feedback is constructive and helpful.


With that in mind, we're going to go ahead and close the thread. If you have suggestions for the game, we have a forum for specific suggestions, the Suggestion Box. We encourage you to post your suggestions there!


Thank you for understanding and helping us make sure that the forums are as constructive and helpful as possible!

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