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What I would change...


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What I would change about 1.2 pvp...


- Get cross-server warzones working as soon as possible. Build each team from the same server where possible, otherwise fill remaining slots from a different server (ideally before the warzone starts). This reduces the likelihood of 5v8 matches (less roflstomping), but tries to keep people from the same server together.


- Give a 15min deserter debuff to people who leave or dc from warzones. About long enough that you may as well stick it out in the warzone anyway, without being too punishing. At the moment, if you disconnect from a warzone you can't (usually) get back into the same one, so it doesn't make much difference to genuinely disconnecting.


- With those two combined, there should be far fewer cases where you're likely to finish the warzone with no rewards, as they'll start 8v8 and less will leave. With a full team, playing from the start, even if you're whipped by the other team, you should be able to get 4+ medals. With 80-100 for a win, and 20-40 for a loss, I think that's about right. Maybe grant an extra medal for X damage done and for Y healing done, so that it's easier to meet the minimum.


- Tweak the expertise formula to increase Time To Kill, perhaps even back to where it was in 1.1.5. It felt "right" then, but now everyone's too squishy (I think I heard some healers complaining...). Longer fights are more about timing cooldowns and managing resolve, focusing/protecting healers, etc, rather than just zerging the nearest target and killing it within a single stun.

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