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Patch 1.2 Bugs (that I've found so far)


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First off, let me start by saying how AWESOME patch 1.2 is. Great job, and I hope all content patches match it in quality * quantity.


On to business :


Friends functionality bugged


If I try to add someone who is offline I get the message that "person does not exist". If I recall correctly this was to be fixed on this update.


Replying to Whisper


Hitting "R" (the reply keybind) does not update to the name of the person I'm replying to at that moment. If for example I reply to multiple people, the name on the chat frame stays on the original target of my replies, but if I press enter, the message gets sent to the correct recipient.



Smart camera on taxis


If I try to turn the camera by holding down the left-click, it resets to my back once I depress the button. If I turn it using right-click, it stays put but occasionally the engine trail on some taxis/speeders/fliers will bug (best example is from Imp.Fleet -> Ziost Shadow).


I had some more in mind but I forgot them, I'll edit the post once I find them again. I don't really mind about the taxi issue, but the friends list is worth mentioning.

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Kira's lightsaber is always on. I have to take it away from her if I'm not going to be fighting for a few minutes or the noise gets really annoying.


Companions don't seem to be getting stats from implants and earpiece. You have to unequip and reequip them. And you have to do this every time you summon the companion, mount/unmount, zone, etc.


Space missions on my Knight, my companions no longer talk, but my Knight still talks. On my Warrior, they talk like they always have.


Of course, the general sound issues that are being reported in other threads.

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