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I laugh at people complaining about the ratghoul plague


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because they are not complaining about the plague but about each others behavior infecting them.




which I imagine wouldn't be a problem if people didn't play the dark side where people act like ****** in their quests and "omg to each other, who knew!"




Great plague btw, on the republic side we're having tons of fun with it and the social aspect of it.

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Greetings everyone!


Since we have a few threads on the topic regarding the latest world event, we are going to close this thread and ask that you please continue this discussion here:



Additionally, while we understand that players can be frustrated with the community at times, please understand that threads like this tend to result in flame wars and have little room for constructive discussion. In the future, we encourage you to create threads that foster constructive discussion and not ones which criticize the community.


Thank you! :)

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