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.. WARNING : Things to do before every new PATCH


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hi community


if you check the customer service forum , there are lots of ppl having problem with the launcher patching and repairing continuously without end. In the end the solultion is to totally delete the current SWTOR folder (Uninstall AND delete) and reinstall SWTOR on a new FOLDER name. However reinstalling is very time consuming and you still run into patch downloading which is huge.



So since i also affected with this problem and spent 24 hours patching and repairing without success, the solution for me is to copy a backup SWTOR on external disk (before patch 1.2) to my computer (deleting the current SWTOR folder first) and then ran the launcher as usual. In few minutes the launcers patch stuff and dont repair anything..


My Advice : After every successful PATCH (that you can login and play the game), make sure to copy the existing SWTOR folder into either External Disk or another backup folder on your computer. So if the PATCH-REPAIR infinite loop bug crops up after new patch, you can delete your SWTOR folder and just copy it from your Backup Media.



People who want easier way can just use Windows Restore point and create a restore point just before a patch. this way if some error crops up you can restore your PC to that date.




TLDR : Copy your Existing SWTOR Folder BEFORE every patch

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