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Hi, folks! Like most of you out there, I'm less than pleased with the way PvP rewards were handled in Patch 1.2, and am hoping this gets hotfixed soon. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this game, and am extremely happy with most of the new content.


But I'm having a really hard time adjusting to the way commendations were reduced post-patch. One of the nice things about SWTOR is the way the story completely took the grind out of leveling. And even after I hit 50, PvP didn't really feel like a grind between running warzones and goofing around on Ilum to complete the daily and weekly quests.


But the day the patch went live, PvP REALLY started to feel like a grind again. For several days now, I've actually DREADED running warzones only to come out with a handful of commendatiions and almost no Valor.


But I started thinking, "Why not make the commendation grind less boring"? I mean, I don't mind it taking 40 Forevers, but why not make it less tedious along the way? They could simply implement an exchange between Fleet comms, Daily comms, and so forth at a rate of 1:3, just like they do with Mercenary comms. That way, we're encouraged to explore MORE content endgame, and it still costs a lot of time and effort, but it's not the same-ole-same-ole ALL the time.


I don't have any illusions that this will actually happen, I just thought I'd think online for a while before heading back to the game. I might reroll, just to break the monotony, who knows? Take care!

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