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Realism Ideas


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So ive been playing since the start and betas and all and ive made this suggestion before but it wend unheeded or they just dont care that much.


I think an mmorpg like this should have a much realism as possible. meaning areas and people should behave accordingly. so some of these things may be complex and difficult to program but some things are very simple. here they are:


1) (easiest one) - in cities the ambient sound should sound like a city.. simple as that. some places it does with speeder wizzing by, but otherplaces it is much, much, much to quiet. like in the somewhat crowded underbowels of nar shadda for example. those are enclosed spaces with quite a lot of peope. they should be talking. and it doesnt need to be like specific words but a overall "bustle" sound. you know like crowd noises.. same thing with the capital cities.

2) - twil'lek should wear hoods. or some variant. because however they fit their tentacles into some of the tight masks my character can wear im certain they can do it for hoods.

3) (a little harder but not so much) - so when was the last time you saw a person standing in one spot for eternity? I understand thats how most mmo's work but consider just assigning a movement path for most npc where they at least walk around a bit, pause then walk to a Different spot and pause again. too hard?

3) now I realize this is much more difficult but if wow can do it so can you. nps that are actually fighing one another would make a BATTLEFEILD seem much more like a battlefield. there are places where like 3 or 4 people are shooting at one another but that inst what i mean. Take correllia for example. it is supposed to be a warzone. It really does not feel like a warzone. and at some places its so quiet the ambient BIRD sounds come through.. so anyway that is just an idea.


thanks for taking the time to read my short list. I how Bioware takes some of them into consideration

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