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[suggestion] Let us turn our ships into flying zoos!


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With all these pets being added into 1.2, I thought it would be a fun idea if you could make it so that the pets you have earned are randomly running around your ship. You could set it up where you could buy an item for your ship with your legacy points, like a pet feeder or something. Clicking that item would allow you to store each pet you have as an item into a slot. When you store a pet into that slot, it would spawn that pet somewhere on your ship and then it could just wander around aimlessly. You could start off with a small number of slots like four or six, and you could purchase more slots at higher legacy levels and for more credits like how you can purchase slots for your locker and such.


I'm not sure how feasible this would be, I just know that after a hard day of killing rakghouls and tusken raiders, it would be comforting to come home to my ship and have my pets waiting to greet me!

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