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Space Mission Discoveries


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Hello Bioware,


Similar to the mission discoveries for crew skills there can be loot drops of space mission discoveries. When activated the space mission discovered quest will appear in one's ship mission terminal. The definition of the space missions can be expanded from the space shooter on rails. Perhaps set up similar to the "Mass Effects" games via the galaxy map to random discoveries made in unexplored regions of space. So when a space mission discovery is collected as loot or purchased via the GTN from another player.


A player activates the quest and begins it via their ship terminal and is found by exploring ones galaxy map. There can be a variety of space missions available from the standard space shooter on rails. To 1st person avatar of boarding a derelict space vessel with a selection of companions. Derelict vessels can have containers on board to slice or gather resources from opened containers. Or Scavenging space debris with one's ship such as locked boxes in space or other misc containers. The space debris fields can be from past battlefields or orbiting unmapped planets and such. With dormant defensive space probes activated by nearby motion of one's space craft. Retrieval be it an of escape pods of a rescue mission in space, be it an entire escape pod or a cryo chamber of sorts ala carbonite. To be brought on board via an airlock, space walk, or a tractor beam from one's own vessel.


That's the general gist of the idea.

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