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Warning about WH pvp armor


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I am a sentinel. I thought it would be a great idea to purchase the guardians WH vindicator gloves and pull the mods out. That what i did.


I spent 2000 rated wz comms , 1000 wz comms on the BM vindicator gloves to purchase these WH gloves.


i spend 50k pulling each mod out. 150k. total.


i try to put the mods into an customed chest peice with augment slot.


i then realize i just got royally screwed.


The armoring mod is restricted and cannot be put into any other peices , so i cant get the set bonuses like i had assumed would happen and i have a 61 armoring mod that i can never use.


and there wasn't anything in-game indicating that this was the case prior to purchase.


just another straw on the camels back for me... what evers next might just do me in with this game

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So you tried to take a heavy armoring mod and put it into a medium armor and get the guardian set bonus on your sent? O.o


Also as people have said, you can mix and match the armoring.


It needs to be the same slot i.e glove, boots, chest etc. And it must be the same armor type, light, heavy or medium. You will never be able to transfer heavy armor set bonuses to a medium armor. Thats just uhm... why did you even think it would work?:confused:

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Actually, i just tried to put all the wh heavy armor mods from the gloves into my bm medium armor gloves.... and it worked !!


and yes i plan on having the 4peice set bonus from vindicator on my sentinel ... 10% damage buff everytime i force leap (12s cd)


you can move mods from different armor types, just not different slot types

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