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POLL: Top 3 Problems w/ PVP


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There are clearly significant problems with pvp once again after patch 1.2. Here are my top three problems with current pvp. Feel free to comment or make your own top three for dev feedback.





Warzone commendations are awarded at WAY too low of a rate. If you are on a losing team, you can spend 15 minutes in a warzone and only end up with 30 commendations at the end of the match. This is of course leads to everyone leaving losing warzones (another problem). Meanwhile, everything purchasable by commendations has increased. So basically I can spend 15 minutes in a losing warzone, be awarded 30 commendations and purchase 1 pvp stimpack for 20 commendations. Where is the reason in this system? Even a winning warzone will be lucky to award you 90 commendations and that is with the 8 minimum medals (another ridiculous requirement).





Gear progression should be an actual "progression". Basically you can buy tier 1 pvp recruit gear immediately upon 50, be in full Battlemaster gear (tier 2) in under a week of consistent pvping, then it require well over a month to months (for a casual gamer) to full outfit yourself in warhero gear (tier 3). This is not progresion when everything is handed to you for nearly nothing, excluding the final pvp set...then that tier takes forever to obtain.





There is always a class or two way overpowered when a game attempts to "balance" or "rebalance" a pvp system. Mauraders and Juggernauts are the new flavor of the month and severely overpowered. I don't understand how the developers can't see this when testing the game, but nevertheless there is litterally no reason to go up against either of these classes because as it stands they are unbeatable one v one, placing a severe imbalance in the pvp system.

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Well, I had started a thread with my particular "big 3" but they are somewhat different than yours, so I'll contribute here:


1. "TAB and hope" targeting.


2. Short handed matches (eg., 4 v 8, 5 v 8, etc...).


3. Inability to queue with 8 or properly with 4.


These things are so basic, I'm embarrassed to admit to any of my gamer friends that I even played this game to lvl 50 w/ almost full BM gear. Shame on me for believing when the writing has been on that wall for a while.


I repeat, the above issues have been in the game since launch. They should have been fixed somewhere in early beta.


I mean, it's like saying "SWTOR does not currently support an optical mouse The game will be keyboard only until patch 1.4."

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