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Scale the collector's mount


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It would be nice if a game did something for the people who spent the extra coin for the collector's/deluxe versions of the game that lasted through to 50.


My suggestion is to scale that cool mount the design team spent the time to make through to 50.


Adding to the above suggestion, put an NPC in that can make the following modifications:


Level 30 - Adds a seat to the mount


Level 35 - Choices on say three different color schemes


Level 40 - Upgrades the overall design and speed of the mount, say makes it a little more areo-dynamic, different turbine thrust colors etc...


Level 45 - More color scheme options


Level 50 - Final upgrades on the chassis, more color scheme options, more turbine options, gauge color options, maybe some gadgets you guys feel would look cool on the mount.

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