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Where were you on 4/15?


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Thanks for the great event!


Every sunday a big chunk of the PvP community of my server meets in Outlaw's Den to hang out in vent together and to have an afternoon of duels and team deathmatch.


When we were just about to start another match, someone noticed the world boss, who suddenly apperared behind us.


Seriously, from then onward we had so. much. fun.!


This included frantically trying to escape that stampeding bison, throwing a raid together, dealing with the sudden increase in population in the den, tanking a boss while getting shot in the back by a bunch of pubs, discovering the plague, enjoying puking and exploding and ofc the spreading of the plague on the fleet, where we discovered various other event related stuff.


You really delivered with this one! Normally I'd ignore ingame events, but this surprise event unfolding dynamically works great with a zombie plague theme and changed my mind on that matter. It certainly was perfect timing - us being on tatooine for the pvp event in a large group of pubs and imps.


Looking forward to more of that stuff. Also, I'm curious how other players experienced the event hitting the servers, so feel free to share your story. I guess the rp guys are having a blast right now.

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