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Are passive relics (aka. PvE relics) still a viable choice since 1.2?


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Like most players, I too had my trusted Matrix Cube equipped for most of my PvP up to 1.2.


On some characters I even preferred the passive PvE proc-trinkets just to save me a keybind. But now I'm questioning these choices since their lack of Expertise makes them a poor choice for PvP.


PvP is "stack Expertise" or "stay home".


Assuming that Expertise stacking is the way to go, even for Relic slots, does that mean that I should run with 2 "on use" trinkets? Because I'd love to have a choice between at least one passive trinket since keybinds are really hard to come by.


TL;DR: Bioware, please add some "passive" PvP trinkets to your game.

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