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I Leave WZ's First Sight Of Losing


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Let's average this out. A warzone is roughly about 15 minutes long. If I see early on in the match the other team has scored at least 2 goals early on. I drop out without a comment.


Yes this weakens the game and signs someone else to log into my spot to only be defeated. Why you may ask. Because they give NOTHING if you lose. This whole thing is designed to encourage people to work as a team and win.


What if your team mates do not listen. Why should I have to pay the price even if I earn 1k medals. I use those CREDITS for repairs, sending my companion's on missions, I think I earned it for sticking around the entire even if I am losing.


It is not against the rules. Actually now I see more people dropping more rapidly then before. I do not care what other players think of me or my online rep.


That is all.

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