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[OFFICIAL] Cross-Faction PvP Teams?


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The idea:

  • Lets say it's rated warzone time.
  • You are looking for a good 8man premade team.
  • You cannot fill the remaining 3 or so spots on your 8man team because all the good players on your faction are taken.
  • ....or the opposite
  • Where your faction already has a good 8man team and you and 2 others need to find another team.
  • Why not allow Cross-Faction or Mixed teams to allow for more 8man groups? The segregation in huttball seems to be frogdogs and rotworms, novare coast is yellow and purple...and the other issue may need to be looked at is voidstar and civil war, just change that from Republic and Empire ships to Red Team, Blue Team.


Your Thoughts?

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Terrible. Factions are already nearly meaningless in pvp, but this is a step too far. I mean, why even have factions, or a story, or Star Wars IP?


This will increase the amount of teams queing, which will in turn increase amount of que's popping, which leads to more pvp more often. Nobody want's a slow que, that's why everyone is trying to re-roll on the Fatman or other full servers.

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