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Couple of missing features I believe should be in the INterface Editor


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Two things I found lacking in the interface editor. Ok, maybe three, but two of my ideas here go hand-in-hand.


First, we need some form of snap alignment and/or grid lines in order to line up our UI elements. The snap alignment I am talking about would line up your quickslot bars with each other perfectly, for example, just by dragging one close to the other. I know a lot of us are exacting in our UI creations and want things perfectly lined up, especially across the screen. Just being able to have a toggled-on grid will help, especially if we can change the number of lines displayed.


Second, buffs need to be their own UI element. I would love to now only be able to move any and all buffs displayed, but also change the scale of them and even the rows/column set up like we can for quickslots.

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