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So our Legacy is upon us... Improvement Suggestions!


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So yah the Legacy system is live... and personally i'm not impressed overall. I mean it's a thing and a start but lets get down to business and improve it...


1) Added Melee skill:

Melee actions? Throw away skills, not seeing the sense in them outside shaming NPCs?!? Now if we had a Haggar Pile Driver move that'd be different but we don't. I'd say you should have the option to replace a melee move with one of those (in my shadow tanks case the spin kick CC etc.) Then you have a real application for them.


2) Crew skills.... this one urks me. Give us some use of crew skills with our legacy... aka let me craft on a tied alt while playing my current character and designate who gets the good (defaulting to current played character).


Instead you have us logging in and out to craft and then repeating that action to later email ourselves gear. Just tie it together!


3) ^^ Let us unlock another slot or two for crew skills! One resource skill & 1 more crafting skill would be perfect IMO for 50s or higher legacy characters. No reason to lock it out to alts at this point IMO.


4) How about a tiered discount for higher legacy levels... I'm currently Legacy lvl30, be nice if say at legacy lvl 30 I could get a discount of 25% off rocket shoes or a character unlock. I mean why not?


5) No legacy exclusive mounts or pets??? Bah.




This was my biggest let down... 200 daily commendations to unlock a chest piece I CAN'T FRIGGIN MOD??? BUT I can BUY a orange version of that same chest piece for 150K (A Much better option than purchasing a daily comm piece... seriously *** were they thinking?).


Also not so much anything do to with Legacies... but Guild Banks... I have yet to buy mine but can we name it / personalize it? If not that needs added ASAP. Biped Financial needs to be a thing.

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