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Praise/constructive feedback


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First off I just wanted to let Bioware know that this is a great game and I am enjoying it very much. Before patch 4.2 I had a lot of video lag issues even with my high end card. The patch fixed my playing issues and has such made playing so much better.


I left World of Warcraft to play this game and I don't regret it for a second.


The UI customization is superb, great job on that.

The immersion factor of having every quest voiced is top notch.

The trade skill system is amazing.

The PVP is the best I have ever experienced in an mmo. It's fluid, fun, and easy to learn.


Below are my thoughts and constructive feedback.


Some areas have too much phasing. I love the concept of phasing and this game does a great job of it. However, there are a lot of places where, due to server population, I feel like I am playing completely alone. I sometimes have a hard time finding anyone to group with because there is simply no one around, and thats a bummer sometimes.



Like my previous point. Server population. Not balance, just population in general. Currently there are meny servers that stay light. Mine is light most of the time, but occasionally goes standard load. Maybe a server consolidation in the distant future?


Bugs in general are the last item on the list. Swtor is a new game and bugs are to be expected so I fully accept that it takes time to address them all. Just to name a few quality of life ones: Cannot add offline friends to my friends list. Another is my companion sometimes "phases out" as I call it. He will be present and fight in combat, but you cannot click on him and he will not respond to anything I ask him to do until I rezone. Dismissing and resummoning does not always help, but I found rezoning always resolves the issue.


I am not going to continue on about bugs, I am sure you guys are aware of most problems and are working on them.


In closing, I again want to say that this is a fantastic game and I really enjoy it. Thanks for everything you do.


- Lane Tora Human Vanguard "For the Republic!!"

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