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L13 Trooper ftw?


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No seriously. Top medals, nearly top damage...


You can see from the screenshot, I'm not a terribly clever player (numpad hotkeys anyone?) and anyone can tell from the skills, this is a genuine L13 Trooper (not to mention the Basic Medpack)


For the most part, knowing that I had no tanking skill and no pushbacks, I spent most of the match just running and gunning, but I did snag the ball carrier a few times and almost immediately passed to anyone who was on a platform. I was involved in a snap (that took us from 1-0 down to equalize too actually) and got the ball all the way down to the endzone, quick pass to a fella who got into the endzone, and that was it, really didn't spend much time with the ball.




I know pvp automatically gears me up for L50, but I have no helmet, no ear, no implants, no relics, my gloves are greens, and everything I'm wearing is under L10, cept my chest and gun. Aren't I supposed to get bonuses equivelent to how my gear meets my level? Should I have not, theoretically, had bonuses 80% of my level, like my gear is now?


Are my attack skills exaggerated in the same way?


Do I get bonus damage for my lack of skills available?


What on earth could I have done to get all those medals?

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