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Obtaining Warzone Adrenals


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I think it would be beneficial for players to have a different method of obtaining Warzone Adrenals/Medpacs. Buying them with Warzone Commendations is frustrating, because not only did the cost go up (from 10 to 20), but also the rewards for completing Warzones is rather low. Couple this with the fact that without rated warzones, the only way to work toward War Hero gear is to do dailies and convert 30 regular comms into 10 rated. Essentially, we have to choose between Adrenals and getting our gear more quickly.


I propose that there be another route to getting them, which has a cost in credits instead. Perhaps make it so that Biochem can reverse-engineer them to figure out mats to make them, or they could be for sale directly from the vendor for a certain price, if you'd prefer.


Regardless, please give us another way to obtain these pvp consumables at level 50.

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